Black Public Media (National Black Programming Consortium)

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Founded in 1979, the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) develops, produces and funds media content about the Black experience for public media outlets, including television, digital radio and online. Since 1991, NBPC has invested more than $10 million dollars in iconic documentary content for public media outlets, including PBS and; trained, mentored and supported a diverse array of producers who create content about contemporary black experiences; and emerged as a leader in the evolving next-media landscape. NBPC distributes engaging content online at and via broadcast through its AfroPoP: The Utimate Cultural Exchange documentary series and manages the community engagement project Public Media Corps (PMC).

NYU Institute for Public Knowledge

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.14.23 PMThe IPK has a core administrative unit comprised of the Director, Eric Klinenberg; the Assistant Director, Sam Carter; and the Administrator, Jessica Coffey.

The Institute selects and develops topics for consideration and discussion in an effort to bring together academics, social researchers, and organizational leaders around issues of public concern. To further these investigations, the Institute forms working groups, which include organizational representatives, graduate students, faculty, and IPK Visiting Scholars from various organizations and academic institutions who share interest in IPK’s topics and concerns.