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Yari Yari Ntoaso will be free to all attendees; right now, plan to join us in May 2013! This means:

1.) Registering for the conference
2.) Securing your Visa for Ghana, (make sure you have a current passport!)
3.) Booking your flight
4.) Booking your hotel
5.) Reading up on Accra, Ghana

For detailed and updated information on the above please visit:

This site will be updated periodically regarding confirmed participants, conference venue, schedule,  registration, hotel and other information.

For all questions, please e-mail:  owwayariyari@gmail.com


An international symposium of women writers from Africa and its diaspora will be held in Accra, Ghana, West Africa May 16-19, 2013. The symposium is co-sponsored by New York University’s Institute of African American Affairs (IAAA), NYU Africa House, NYU Accra, and Africana Studies Program; hosted by Mbaasem Foundation; and presented by the Organization of Women Writers of Africa Inc (OWWA). Yari means the future in the Kuranko language of Sierra Leone, and Ntoaso means understanding and agreement in the Akan language of Ghana.

So far, the 21stcentury has witnessed the creation or reestablishment of women’s and writers’ organizations throughout Africa and its diaspora. Often these organizations both support and are staffed by emerging writers or those whose writing has yet to receive international recognition. Yari Yari Ntoaso marks this moment and provides an opportunity for these organizations, as well as individual writers and scholars, to share information and to build international networks. The symposium will include panels, readings, performances, and film screenings. Yari Yari Ntoaso will be a gathering devoted to the study, criticism, and celebration of the creativity and diversity of women writers of African descent. The conference will also pay tribute to the co-founder and president of the Organization of Women Writers of Africa, Inc. (OWWA), poet Jayne Cortez, who recently made her transition. One of Cortez’s many important contributions was the many conferences she helped organize at New York University with IAAA. She was working with IAAA on this third Yari Yari conference in Ghana, which will now be in her honor.

Yari Yari Ntoaso will provide:

•    Opportunity for the exchange of cultural expression and ideas concerning capacity development programs
•    Information for the setting up of publishing and distribution networks with existing and new technology
•    A platform to address issues of planning and development of cultural institutions
•    Encouragement, support, and promotion of the works of young writers
•    An environment for the dismantling of self-censorship
•    Promotion of artistic expression and freedom of imagination
•    A showcase and exhibition space for publications

OWWA and New York University’s Institute of African American Affairs also collaborated on Yari Yari: Black Women Writers and the Future (1997) and  Yari Yari Pamberi: Black Women Writers Dissecting Globalization (2004). We hope you will join us to experience the third Yari Yari – and the first one in Africa!