An international symposium on the influence of the revolutionary and liberation movement of Black Panthers in the 1960s/1970s in the USA

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This roundtable reunion of Panthers from America, India, Israel, UK, and Australia will primarily be focused on the experiences of the members of their respective movements. The participants will explain why they formed a Panther Party,  what was their inspiration, what were they rebelling against, what were they up against in their respective countries, and how did they hear about and create a bound of solidarity with the US Black Panthers.  The idea is to provide students, scholars and the general audience with an opportunity to be exposed to an international oral history, archives, and memories that are not widely known and associated with the history of the Black Panthers in America.  Additionally, the roundtable will also explore the links between the struggle for justice then and now.


Tishman Auditorium , Vanderbilt Hall (first floor)

New York University School of Law

40 Washington Square South, NY, NY 10012

Panel 1)  6:00—8:00 pm

The Panthers Worldwide Reunited

Moderator: Gerald  Horne (USA)


Kathleen Cleaver (USA)

Zainab Abbas (UK)

P. K. Murthy (India)

Nissim Mossek (Israel)

Reuven Abergel  (Israel)

Marlene Cummins (Australia)


Panel 2) 8:00—9:30 pm

The Relevance of Revolutions Today

Moderator: Robin D. G. Kelley (USA),


Malia Lazu  (USA)

Abdoulaye Niang  (Senegal)