The series is a continuation from Fall 2016 and will include films that link identity, authenticity and creativity to the value of returning to the sources. By "return to the source" we are putting in conversation films that entertain or question the usefulness of returning home as narrative forms. The films will explore such varied narrative forms as the essay film, home-movies, archives, as well as fictional, experimental and documentary approaches. The series will also engage with the ways in which oral traditions and historical documents are deployed in the films.

Spirits of Rebellion

Awaiting  for Men

Burning an Illusion


Burning an Illusion
A young British-born woman of color comes of age while seeking security through marriage. But the false arrest and merciless beating of her boyfriend by police forces a turning point in both their lives. As she becomes more politically aware, their relationship changes and she begins to question her middle-class aspirations and attitudes, shedding her old biases to reclaim her African heritage.

Friday, April 7, 2017
Burning an Illusion
(United Kingdom, 1981,  1h 41 min.)  
Director: Menelik Shabazz 
TIME:  6:00 pm  (doors open at 5:45 pm)
LOCATION: Cantor Film Center-NYU
36 East 8th Street (between University Place
and Greene Street) NY, NY


  • Burning an Illusion screening April 7, 2017 NYU-IAAA-201831




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