Join us for a panel discussion on the unapologetically fierce hip hop feminist work of Sesali Bowen, Dr. Brittney Cooper, Dr. Susana Morris, and CBVC’s own, Dr. Joan Morgan. For the first time ever, Sesali Bowen will give an academic talk on her trap feminist framework including its origins, inspirations, and possibilities for liberation. Bowen’s Bad, Fat Black Girl: Notes from a Trap Feminist lays out a contemporary framework that interrogates where feminism meets today’s hip-hop and offers a new, inclusive feminism for the modern world. Dr. Brittney Cooper and Dr. Susana Morris’ Feminist AF: A Guide to Crushing Girlhood (co-authored with Chanel Craft Tanner) uses the insights of feminism to address issues relevant to today’s young womxn. Cooper and Morris are also founding members of the Crunk Feminist Collective, a space of support and camaraderie for hip hop generation feminists of color, queer and straight, in the academy and without. CBVC’s Program Director, Dr. Joan Morgan, coined the term “hip-hop feminism” in her groundbreaking When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost. In conversation, they will explore the history and evolution of hip-hop feminism and how the theme of “Home” expresses itself in their work.

Sesali Bowen
Sesali Bowen is a multifaceted writer, media personality, and cultural commentator. She is the author of the memoir/manifesto, Bad Fat Black Girl: Notes From A Trap Feminist (Amistad, 2021). Formerly, she was Senior Entertainment Editor at NYLON magazine and one of the architects of Refinery29’s Unbothered. Sesali is also the creator, producer, and co-host of Purse First, the only podcast exclusively about female and queer rap. Her writing has appeared in Cosmopolitan, InStyle, New York Times, and other outlets. She received her bachelor’s in Gender Studies from DePaul University in 2012 and graduated with a master’s in the same concentration from Georgia State University in 2016. She is a student and homegirl of Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown’s SOLHOT.

Dr. Brittney Cooper
Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Africana Studies @Rutgers University
Brittney Cooper is Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers. She is author of the New York Times bestseller Eloquent Rage, co-author of Feminist AF: A Guide to Crushing Girlhood, and co-founder of the Crunk Feminist Collective. She is also a contributor at Black News Channel and The Cut/NY Magazine and a frequent commentator on MSNBC.

Dr. Susana M. Morris
Associate Professor of Literature, Media, and Communication @Georgia Institute of Technology
Susana M. Morris is Associate Professor of Literature, Media, and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is co-author, with Brittney C. Cooper and Chanel Craft Tanner, of the young adult handbook, Feminist AF: The Guide to Crushing Girlhood and co-founder of the Crunk Feminist Collective. She has been featured on the BBC, NPR, and in Essence magazine and is currently at work on a cultural biography of Octavia E. Butler.

Dr. Joan Morgan
Program Director @Center for Black Visual Culture (CBVC) at the Institute of African American Affairs, New York University
As Program Director for the CBVC, Joan develops the Center’s position nationally and internationally in relation to black visual culture throughout the diaspora. Dr. Morgan is an award-winning feminist author and a graduate of NYU’s American Studies Ph.D. program. A pioneering hip-hop journalist, Dr. Morgan coined the term “hip-hop feminism” in 1999, when her book was published, the groundbreaking When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost. Her book has been used in college coursework across the country. Regarded internationally as an expert on the topics of hip-hop, the Caribbean, and gender, Dr. Morgan has made numerous television, radio and film appearances — among them HBOMax, Netflix, Lifetime, MTV, BET, VH-1, CNN, WBAI’s The Spin and MSNBC. She has held visiting professorships at numerous institutions and is the recipient of many fellowships.