Co-sponsored by NYU’s departments of Cinema Studies

and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies;

African Film Festival, Inc.;

and with the support of the Algerian Embassy in DC,

and General Consulate in NY



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Thursday, March 7

Location: Cinema Studies Dept-Tisch-NYU

721 Broadway, 6th floor Michelson Theater


6:00 pm

PANEL  –Algeria : Fifty-five Years of Film Production

Participants: Manthia Diawara,  Ahmed Bedjaoui



7:00 pm

Le Hublot   (2012 / Drama / 20 min)

Director:  Anis Djaad

Cloistered in a town on the outskirts, Adel and Walid  view the sea to escape their daily tedium. One morning, they discover a project which will deprive them forever of their own moments of escape.


7:30 pm

Chronique des années de braise (The Chronicle of the Years of Embers)   (1975 / Drama / 140 min)

Director: Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina

Awarded the Golden Palm at Cannes, this film looks at the Algerian revolution from the personal perspective of a peasant turned revolutionary leader.




Friday, March 8

Location: Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street, rm 101



6:00 pm

The Birth of the Republic   (1963 / 30 min)

State of Algeria in 1963 from the Russian archives


Foreign News Reel № 111962  (30 sec)


6:30 pm

Hors la loi (Outside the Law)   (2010 / Drama / 138 min)

Director: Rachid Bouchareb

A drama about the Algerian struggle for independence from France after WWII.





Saturday, March 9

Location: Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street, rm 200



2:00 pm

Garagouz   (2010 / Drama / 24 min)

Written and directed by Abdenour Zahzah

Mokhtar earns his living as a puppeteer, aided by his son who is learning the job. Using his old van, he goes to schools scattered all over the Algerian countryside, encountering prejudice and obstacles from many sides on the way.


2:30 pm

Quelques jours de répit  (A Few Days of Respite )

(2010 / Drama / 79 min)

Written and directed by Amor Hakkar

The meeting between two clandestine homosexuals and Iranian and a single woman. Selected to the official competition at the 2011 Sundance Festival.


4:00 pm

Cartouches Gauloises (Summer of ’62 )   (2007 / Drama / 92 min)

Directed & written by Mehdi Charef

Set in the summer if 1962, during the final stages of the Algerian War of Independence, as seen through the eyes of Ali, the 11 year-old son of an FLN moudjahid, his mother and his French and Arab friends, as they experience the massive social changes of the end of French rule.


5:30 pm

El Gusto   (2011 / Documentary / 88 min)

Director: Safinez Bousbia

An orchestra of Jewish and Muslim musicians torn apart by war 50 years ago reunited for an exceptional Chaabi music concert.


7:00 pm

Automne octobre à Alger (Autumn: October in Algiers)

(1992 / Drama / 93 min)

Director: Malik Lakhdar-Hamina

The October 1988 riots in Algeria were the first massive popular

demonstrations for democracy and can be regarded as the first

expression of what is now called “The Arab Spring.” This film tells

the story of a family faced with the social atmosphere and everyday

life in Algeria during that time.





Sunday, March 10

Location: Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street, rm 200



2:00 pm:

La Maison Jaune (The Yellow House)    (2008 / Drama / 84 min)

Directed, written, acted (playing the lead role of Mouloud) and co-edited by Amor Hakkar

A poor Algerian agrarian family, who survives by growing and selling potatoes and vegetables, deals with grief following the untimely death of the eldest son in an accident.


3:30 pm

Mascarades  (Masquerades)   (2008 / Comedy / 94 min)

Director: Lyes Salem

Mounir Mekbek lives with his family in a small village in the heart of the Algerian countryside. Very proud and sure of himself, he has only one dream- to finally be appreciated by his fellow villagers.


5:15 pm

London River     (2009 / Drama / 88 min)

Directed by Rachid Bouchareb

After traveling to London to check on their missing children in the wake of the 2005 terror attack on the city, two strangers come to discover their respective children had been living together at the time of the attacks.




Monday, March 11

Location: Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life-NYU,

238 Thompson Street, 5th Floor, rm 573



6:00 pm

Délice Paloma     (2007  / Drama / 134 min )

Directed & written by Nadir Moknèche

When it comes to surviving in today’s Algeria, no scam is too daunting for the woman who has adopted her country’s name.




Tuesday, March 12

Location: Kimmel Center-NYU, 60 Washington Square South,

E&L Auditorium, 4th Floor




6:00 pm

Al Djazira (The Island)    (2012 / Drama / 35 min)

Directed by Amine Sidi Boumediene

Just before the sun rises over Algiers city, a man wearing a very strange space suit and a gas mask wakes up in a creek not far from the City itself,  a new life is waiting for him.


6:45 pm

Africa Is Back   (2010 / Documentary / 96 min)

Directed by Chergui Kharroubi and Salem Brahimi

The films shows the best moments of the 2009 Second Cultural Pan African Festival