On Friday, October 14, 2011, The Institute of African American Affairs, NYU Accra, Africana Studies and The Organization of Women Writers of Africa (OWWA) hosted a special reception for the announcement and collaboration of the third Yari Yari conference YARI YARI NTOASO: Continuing the Dialogue to be held in Accra, Ghana in May 2013, and to celebrate OWWA’s 20th Anniversary. Special guests included Maya Angelou, Sapphire and Jayne Cortez.


2011 Announcement Reception


  • Ulrich Baer (NYU Vice Provost for Faculty, Arts, Humanities & Diversity, Office of the Provost), Jayne Cortez (Co-founder/OWWA) Pre-conference Reception & Announcement for Yari Yari Ntoaso Ghana-Oct. 14, 2011 (Credit-(c) NYU Photo Bureau-E. Olivo-11-0104#006)