Black Renaissance Noire

Diverse Experiences,
Common Causes Angela Davis and
Gina Dent in Paris 2016

Wole Soyinka
Scholar-in-Residence 2016

Return to Source
Fall 2016 Film Series

Reinventions: Strains of Histories
and Cultures - Johannesburg, South Africa 2016 

Art of Justice 1, 2 & 3

Cheikh Lo Artist-in-Residence 2016

Basquiat: Still Fly @ 55  2016

The Caribbean Imaginary
2015/2016 Lecture Series

Christiane Taubira
"Freedom and Justice for All" 2016

Orlando Patterson
"The Paradoxes of Race in
Contemporary America" 2015

Women Filmmakers in the
African Diasporic World 2015

Gender in Social Practice 2015 

An Evening with Poets Honoring
the Lives of Poets Jayne Cortez
& Amiri Baraka 2014 

Angela Davis
Scholar-in-Residence 2014 

Black Ethnics: Covering the
New African Diaspora 2014